Patent Pending for only $1000 (+$110 filing fee)

As a patent attorney, I've heard the story a million times: "I had that invention years ago! If I patented it, I would be a millionaire!" Now, it has never been cheaper to do just that. With just $1110, you can have a patent pending invention!

Quality is the key

We professionally draft each and every provisional application from scratch. We don't use form paragraphs, we don't use shortcuts, and we certainly don't merely file the same content that you provide to us. We give each application the attention it deserves, and in doing so, ensure you have a properly filed application.

Don't be fooled by others, there are serious risks to filing improperly!

A provisional patent must support all embodiments of your invention when it is filed. If it does not, your claims will not be supported by your provisional application when you file for your utility patent. Therefore, it is very important to go to somebody who you trust to file your application properly!

Some sites offer minimal fees, but don't write anything for you. They merely take your invention description and forward it to the USPTO. We start every application from scratch and professionally draft your provisional patent without cutting any corners.

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